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Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction is the fifth installment in the wildly popular Splinter Cell series. A stealth-action combat game centered around the continuing adventures of black ops agent Sam Fisher, Splinter Cell: Conviction continues where the storyline of the earlier Splinter Cell: Double Agent left off. Packed with a mix of an engaging story, classic Splinter Cell stealth action, unique co-op gameplay and new gameplay mechanisms that are applicable to both single player and multiplayer modes, it is a worthy addition Splinter Cell catalog of games

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Key Game Features

  • A New Level of Splinter Cell Action - A full arsenal of cutting-edge innovations allow you to outflank foes with the Last Known Position system, tag and eliminate enemies using the Mark and Execute feature, and much more.
  • Blockbuster Experience - A unique storytelling style keeps you on the edge of your seat as you navigate the explosive world of a renegade agent where trust is impossible and justice requires you to go above the law.
  • Jaw Dropping Visuals - A revolutionary new graphic direction delivers an utterly seamless gameplay experience that’ll keep you totally engrossed in the story of Sam Fisher.
  • Explosive Xbox LIVE Play - Addictive multiplayer modes, content downloads, messaging and voice support and more amp up the dramatic intensity like never before.
  • An Exclusive Co-op Story Mode - "Prologue" is an exclusive story mode featuring new characters, settings, four exclusive maps and more. It is only available within Conviction's Co-op mode

Edge has awarded Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction 8/10 in its latest lead review - claiming that the title is 'in reach of greatness'.

The mag is particularly impressed with protagonist Sam Fisher's ability to turn environments into 'torture chambers' at the press of a button.

[Even] the presence of a piano suddenly fills the room with ominous potential' it reports.

It adds: 'The environments, at their best, are playgrounds for Fisher's lethal abilities, giving him every opportunity to outflank and outwit opponents who otherwise outgun him.'

It calls one particular chase around the Lincoln Memorial Ground 'heart-pumping', and praises the new, less-stealthy style of play. 'As Splinter Cell goes from covert to overt, a new-found dynamism emerges,' Edge reports.

However, the mag finds flaws in the games 'short' single-player campaign - and says that too much of the title is played in new atmospheric monocrome.

'But when Conviction hits its stride, the environments unlock the player's tactical ambitions in a way that's truly empowering,' it adds.

IGN's published an 'exclusive' Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 review, awarding Ubisoft's oft-delayed franchise revamp with an Outstanding 9.3/10:

Conviction is a Splinter Cell game in name more than anything else. You could easily swap Sam Fisher for Jack Bauer or create an all new character and no one would give it a second thought. The gameplay is fast, and Sam has been transformed into the ultimate killer. It's an amazing game, but so different from its predecessors you might not recognize it.

Despite a few questionable level design choices, Splinter Cell Conviction is a great addition to the series. There's no way I could go back to a stealth game as it used to be; I've been converted. The only reason to hesitate and pick this up is if you only care about the single-player story and want nothing to do with anything else Conviction has to offer. If that's the case, then there's not a lot of game to be had. And also, you're nuts. The best parts of Conviction are the experiences you have long after you've left Sam Fisher behind.

Empire gives the title an emphatic 5 out of 5 stars as we do calling it "A stunning reboot for a hallowed series, Conviction is the best Splinter Cell to date and offers a captivatingly mature, stylish and taut experience that’ll bewitch game nuts and movie fans alike.

Despite the stealthy series losing its way in recent years and falling out of favour, Conviction is a dramatic return to form for Splinter Cell, and one of 2010’s first great action games."


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