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Evony - Free Online Browser Game Review

Evony is an online browser game. Sign up is free and no download is required as the game plays inside any internet browser. The game is set in the medieval period (middle ages) and has grown rapidly over recent months. Evony currently has millions of daily players and is a serious contender to games such as Runescape.

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The main difference between the two games being that Runescape is played in the third person where an individual performs the actions and a player watches what that individual does in the game world. In Evony you play a feudal Lord or Lady and fight using your armies. The scale of the game is therefore much larger.

Evony is a real time strategy game in which your goal is to establish a city, defend it, build an army, attract heroes and expand your territory by attacking other players and their settlements. If doing all of this in real time sounds like a challenge, well, it is.

As Evony is a true real time game your settlements continue to produce goods and cash even in your absence. This is of course great news, but this also means that your settlements can be attacked while you are absent.

Allowing for these kind of factors takes a bit of getting used to, but thankfully the game has "beginner protection" for your first week of ply. This stops more experienced players stomping you before you have had a decent chance to develop your settlement and build up your defences.

A famous quote is "An army marches on its stomach" and in is taken to mean that supplies such as food are necessary for military success. In Evony this is no different. Building a city gives access to various aspects of the game including gathering the necessary resources to build and equip an army.

In common with most games like this, it takes time to construct these buildings. The process can be speeded up with the use of scrolls called "guidelines". You start off with a few of these and more can be gained by completing quests, or missions in the game. If you are really in a rush then you can buy more from the company, but this isn't strictly necessary.

It is possible to construct a wide variety of buildings in the game. These include inns and and stables for your people and their mounts. Some buildings gather resources such farms (food), sawmills (wood) and mines. You can also make various defensive buildings to assist you in your path to victory.

Probably the best feature of the game however is the social aspect. In most online games like this there is very little chat and so you might as well be playing solo. Evony has a chat client with various channels and an active forum. It is also possible and indeed probably necessary to form alliance with other players both for attack and defence.

Overall this is a great game that will be much loved by players that enjoy the middle ages theme or have played and enjoyed games like Civilisation.

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