GamezNutz Downloads

snowfite.exe-A cool snowball fight easy to play and oh so cute!

beertend.exe- This is a fun game where you serve beer. 252kb

annhltr.exe-Another Dos Game. Pretty cool. Runs in windows.  Good shoot'em up game. KILL KILL 1083kb

MICE.EXE-This one's a riot. Shoot the mice and see what they do! - Space Bastards Must Die - Space Invaders Clone, Great graphics and gameplay requires winG Included in Zip file. - Prepare for the most exciting "retro" game ever. This shooter features power ups and detailed graphics combining the best of nostalgia with 24-bit color. - Miles Stones the Great Race Card game - The best Tetris Clone ever done!! Requires directX 5.0+ is Dos, but it run in windows. Good frogger clone. 423kb pies at Bill Gates. Wheeeeeee!!!! 1500kb - Good shoot em up space game. 143kb Jetpack game. Dos game. Runs in windows 882kb Dos again a good space/ship-flying/game 250kb